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Full Furnishing Design Package

With our Full Furnishing Design Service you will receive a completely custom and cohesive room furnishing design, based on your space, your lifestyle, & your budget! We ensure an exceptional standard of quality and design by sourcing from the trusted brands we carry.  Each design package covers one room and includes two in-home visits, a 3-D layout, 2 to 3 complete room design options, and free, local, ground-level delivery. Our team handles everything from design concept and space planning, to ordering and receiving, to inspecting & delivering!



DISCOVERY PHASE: Once you fill out a short project inquiry form we will reach out to schedule a 15 minute discovery call to review your project and ensure that we are the best fit for you. After the discovery call, you will be sent our full project questionnaire; this is where we dive into the nitty gritty of your space, your wishes, your style etc. We will then schedule an initial in-home visit where we strategize and hone in on your desires for your room plus take any necessary measurements. This phase is usually complete within 4-5 weeks from the time you submit a project request.

DESIGN PHASE: Then, we get to work! We put all of your room measurements into our 3D programming and begin space planning and designing! We sift through all the items we carry to pull together 2-3 cohesive furnishing room designs, ensuring that each option fits properly in your space. This phase usually takes about 4 weeks.

FINALIZING PHASE: We'll schedule your second in-home visit to review your design and finalize options together. One revision is included and the final design is electronically delivered immediately following your appointment. You'll then select the furnishings you wish to move forward ordering. This phase can move as quickly as you want, but you have up to 30 days to finalize selections.

FULFILLMENT PHASE: Once selections are finalized, we get to work fulfilling the design! We handle all the ordering, receiving, inspection and delivery of your items*. This phase can vary from as little as 4 weeks to 6+ months depending on product availability.


$900 Design Fee with a minimum spend of $8000 for furnishings (per room)


  • 2 in home meetings, 3 complete designs per room, and a 3D layout / renderings. 

  • One revision per room completed during or immediately following the Follow-up Appt.

  • Product fulfillment including ordering, inspection, and delivery.

  • 2 deliveries per room - we will deliver as soon as one full truck-load is ready.


  • Additional revisions

  • Non-furnishing design aspects such as paint, wall coverings, window treatments, flooring, hardwired lighting etc

  • Installation & Styling

  • Additional deliveries

  • Storage of items if you are not ready or able to receive delivery when



Submit a project request to get started.

Furnishing Design FAQ's

Do you only select from brands you carry?

Typically, yes. There are few exceptions and we will let you know on a case by case situation. The reason we stick to the brands we carry is because we can confidently stand behind their products. We don’t want to put something in your design that we can’t vouch for! The brands we choose to carry and source from align with our own brand aesthetic and standard of quality.

How long do I have to make a decision on selections?

You have 30 days from your follow up to make your final selections. You are more than welcome to still make selections after the 30 day mark, however the design fee / spend bracket discount and free delivery is forfeited

Why is it structured like this?

Long story short, for us, a good chunk of a traditional Design Service fee (on average $1000+ per room for all that we include) is covered by the furnishings you purchase. So the more you purchase, the more of a break we’re able to give on the Design Fee.

Can I just pay for a design & shop elsewhere?

You can. The design fee would be $900. We of course recommend using the brands and items selected because we can confidently stand behind our products. But if you prefer to take our completed design and source similar looking items elsewhere, you can.

When is payment due?

The design fee is due during your initial meeting. Once you have made your final selections of furniture, rugs, lamps, & wall art from your completed design we will send you an invoice and apply the appropriate discount based on your spend bracket.

Do you assemble & install items?

While this is not included in the Design Fee we do offer ADD-ON services for assembling, placing items in their designated place, &/or overseeing installation of wall art, curtains etc.

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